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My friend has been excited over the television adaptation of Outlander for what seems to be forever. It came up in conversation…a lot, her twitter feed was swamped with mentions, she was trying to speak Gaelic from the Starz videos (smart marketing) and I learnt that she’d named her dog after a minor character in a later book. She’s WAY into it. When it was announced that this well-known romantic, time traveling tale was being re-imagined, I failed to understand the reference. I had never heard of the series. Not once. And I read considerable quantities of historic romance. I seem to have fallen in the Outlander void.

Now my friend, Danielle, has been asking me to read it. I considered it. And then I discovered it was eight hundred pages long and really who has time to read a book that is that long? Seriously, that’s 3-4 YA books, or a really, really long saga that I actually want to read. But for an obligation read….no.

And then I folded like a cheap suit.


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I saw a fantastic gifset mash up of the Knightley “badly done, Emma” scene on Tumblr last week. It utilised Emma Approved, the Gwyneth Paltrow adaptation and (I believe) the Jonny Lee Miller adaptation. There may have been some text from Austen too.

I failed to favourite. Does anyone have the link?

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Is it not enough that their impeccable chemistry was brought together in fiction, now you wanna see Stephen leave his wife and baby for Emily? It just says something about you when you ship real people romantically, when you can’t just enjoy the art and you try to force that attraction into…

In complete agreement.  Shipping two people (as opposed to fictional characters) is incredibly intrusive into their lives.  Also, it makes you no better than the trash that write complete nonsense for the tabloids.  Be better, do better.

We know Oliver and Felicity. We have been invited into their lives.

We really don’t know Stephen and Emily. Their private lives are theirs, not ours.

Speculating on fictional characters is fine.  Speculating on real people can affect their real lives and their relationships with their actual loved ones. 

Real life isn’t a narrative you can control. 

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I find it concerning that a character who cannot agree to sex as "… [having] nighttime fun with the Mandragora". Yes, this show is fantastical but the continued representation of this as fun and sexy feels plain wrong.

Ingrid is not in a state to consent to sexual intercourse which makes this rape.  The way the show is currently framing this, and the media, is very concerning in terms of the message they are presenting.


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YAY - love her from Fringe. She’s got the look, the acting chops and on an interesting  note….my best friend went to high school with her and apparently she had a lovely singing voice.

As does Scott Michael Foster who was cast as Kristoff….hmmm.

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Click here to watch more of Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams’s safety tips for college students from last night’s Daily Show.

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"What I’ve figured out about dystopias is this: if you wake up and find yourself in the middle of one, the first thing you need to do is figure out if it was written for kids or adults. If it’s for kids, then an overlooked ordinary person, probably you, will be able to rise and change the world. If it’s for adults … then we’re all fucked."

Whiti Hereaka

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This one never gets old.


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Anonymous said: I just had an awesome idea! (well i think so!!) the new man that Felicity should be with in season 3 before Oliver, should be played by Robbie Amell, so so so many of his quirks and facial expressions are EXACTLY the same as Stephens/Olivers and it would be a cool confirmation of Felicitys type being, well Oliver and trying to replace him with someone who is similar. I have no idea who i want him to play or anything about the character, but needs to be someone Oliver doesnt know. Thoughts?!?!?


I really think they’re going to try to bring Nightwing next season!!!!

and if that’s the case then Robbie definitely has the look because Dick Grayson has black hair and steel blue eyes but one of my FAVORITE things about Dick is his personality. Dick is VERY VERY COCKY and confident…. (ALSO KNOWN IN EVERY DC POLL THAT HE HAS THE BEST BUTT IN ALL DC COMICS. LOOK IT UP ;) 

I’ve never seen any of Robbie’s tv shows/ movies but I hope he could play the bad boy, cocky confident man very well and can you imagine good girl Felicity with bad boy Dick? with very a jealous/ worried Oliver?


I think Nightwing would be awesome but I’d flip the dream casting a little. Luke Mitchell (John) from The Tomorrow People would be great (and less reminiscent of Oliver).  I really wouldn’t want Felicity to be with someone who’s a faux-Oliver…tbh I’d find that really icky. I’d rather wait and see the real thing :)

But then again, hardly any of us knew Stephen, David or Emily and they cast them brilliantly. An unknown would be awesome too.