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YAY - love her from Fringe. She’s got the look, the acting chops and on an interesting  note….my best friend went to high school with her and apparently she had a lovely singing voice.

As does Scott Michael Foster who was cast as Kristoff….hmmm.

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Click here to watch more of Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams’s safety tips for college students from last night’s Daily Show.

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"What I’ve figured out about dystopias is this: if you wake up and find yourself in the middle of one, the first thing you need to do is figure out if it was written for kids or adults. If it’s for kids, then an overlooked ordinary person, probably you, will be able to rise and change the world. If it’s for adults … then we’re all fucked."

Whiti Hereaka

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This one never gets old.


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Anonymous said: I just had an awesome idea! (well i think so!!) the new man that Felicity should be with in season 3 before Oliver, should be played by Robbie Amell, so so so many of his quirks and facial expressions are EXACTLY the same as Stephens/Olivers and it would be a cool confirmation of Felicitys type being, well Oliver and trying to replace him with someone who is similar. I have no idea who i want him to play or anything about the character, but needs to be someone Oliver doesnt know. Thoughts?!?!?


I really think they’re going to try to bring Nightwing next season!!!!

and if that’s the case then Robbie definitely has the look because Dick Grayson has black hair and steel blue eyes but one of my FAVORITE things about Dick is his personality. Dick is VERY VERY COCKY and confident…. (ALSO KNOWN IN EVERY DC POLL THAT HE HAS THE BEST BUTT IN ALL DC COMICS. LOOK IT UP ;) 

I’ve never seen any of Robbie’s tv shows/ movies but I hope he could play the bad boy, cocky confident man very well and can you imagine good girl Felicity with bad boy Dick? with very a jealous/ worried Oliver?


I think Nightwing would be awesome but I’d flip the dream casting a little. Luke Mitchell (John) from The Tomorrow People would be great (and less reminiscent of Oliver).  I really wouldn’t want Felicity to be with someone who’s a faux-Oliver…tbh I’d find that really icky. I’d rather wait and see the real thing :)

But then again, hardly any of us knew Stephen, David or Emily and they cast them brilliantly. An unknown would be awesome too.

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  • a baby
  • a surprise love child
  • Laurel ‘coming into her own’
  • Sara gone
  • Roy with nothing to do…again
  • Thea going bad
  • Felicity yearning some more
  • Queen Industries limbo

This really doesn’t sound fun to me….particularly the first three points.  I am sick of the past being rehashed over and over again. I wish they’d ditch the Island stuff, minimise the recruitment of new characters, focus on the cast they have and tell deeper personal stories.  I mean lets explore dynamics between rarely paired cast members.

So much story is dependant on flashback retellings/pre-existing relationships and I am over it.

No more backstories.

No more stalling.

Let’s move forward.

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​While I don’t like the idea…. there is some merit especially if you add the expression on her face in the spoiler photo + TPTB’s talk abut dropping hints throughout the series.

Perhaps she was turned, or blackmailed from 1) the beginning, or 2) Oliver’s 5 month escape. Whether she’s a willing participant or not, it’s viable….maybe more so than being the person Oliver loves most. As that person wouldn’t be a love interest- it would be Thea…hands down.

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"While Chris Messina has had to answer to fans about Danny’s behavior, Mindy Kaling is kind of loving the blowback. “I actually spoke to him on the phone yesterday and he was like, ‘People are giving me a really hard time,’” she told Vulture this weekend at the White House Correspondents Dinner. “And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m fucking happy — for once, you get to feel what it’s like to be on the other side of this!’"

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"I really do feel as though I’ve walked through the back of a wardrobe into some parallel universe, peopled by amazing writers whom you never seem to read about on books pages, or who never come up in conversations with literary friends."

Nick Hornby on YA, The Believer